Dance On The Gold Coast

Workshops for your School or Highschool.

This 2010 for the first time ever Captivated Dance will come to your school personally!  Captivated Dance will do a one hour Hip Hop Funk It Up dance workshop with you. 

We will......

  • Perform a dance "How He Loves" with two girls from the Captivated Dance Company.
  • Share a little about Captivated and the incredible opportunities we have this year.
  •   We'll take them through some stretches and show them how to warm-up before a dance class. 



  •  Learn a Captivated Hip Hop routine  eg, "Hittin the Streets" and do some free style dancing. 
  • Split up into groups and take turns in demonstating what they have learned in front of their class mates. 
  • It's so much fun and it will increase their Creativitiy, strength, flexibility, fitness, rhythm and self-esteem.  Book your school in for a taste of this incredible experience...
  • $50 for 30min workshop or $70 for 1 hr workshop.

Call Now on: 0406602649 to make a booking for us to come and visit your School or Highschool!