Dance On The Gold Coast

Workshops for Daycare Centres and Schools.


Captivated Dance will come to your Daycare Centre or School and run a one hour long Workshop with your children.  You will personally meet two of Captivated Dance Company memebers Ali and Monica.  This will be an opportunity of a life time to learn from them and have heaps of fun, all at the same time!

Captivated Kids Adventure for your Daycare Centre!

A tale of Peppi the Pirate & Tarnie the fairy.


Firstly we are dressed up as Peppi and Tarnie and act out a play where the children have the opportunity to get involved. 



Secondly we do an acting/dancing to some classical type music with the Tarnie the Fairy.

Last of all Peppi the Pirate teaches everyone a Hip Hop dance with free style dance too!

Trust me the children are going to love it!

$250 for the hour if the Daycare Centre is paying or $5 a child.

Call Ali today on: 0406602649 to make a booking for us to come and visit your Daycare Centre!